Ep19 – What Is Marketing?

Do you have a marketing strategy?

What does the term marketing even mean?

I do wonder if we yoga teachers have gone mad. 14 years ago when I first started teaching there was no social media, I was even ground-breaking for having a website!   I just rented a village hall, made a flyer and spoke to people about my classes and invited them in.  I literally rolled out my mat and started teaching.  How did we get ourselves to a place where we can feel the pressure of the content treadmill, to even need a marketing strategy to be a yoga teacher? 

The bottom line is marketing is really easy, yoga teachers have always had to do it, regardless of whether the internet even existed, let alone social media!  Marketing is talking to people, building relationships, telling people what you offer, how you can help them, the transformation you can bring to their lives and inviting them into your offers.

Marketing or selling?

And yes, technically the last part is selling, but seriously where does marketing end and selling begin? 

There are so many wonderful ways you can now talk to people, way more than I had in 2008, but the principles have not changed.  Talk to people, listen to people, offer solutions to their problems, offer transformation, roll out your mat, take action and teach.  Show up as you, serve your students with love, they’ll do most of the marketing for you in the end!

Want some help with marketing?

Would you like to be freed from ‘strategy’ or ‘formulas’ that leave you feeling exhausted and not enough?  Would you like to be empowered to talk to people on your terms. Know how to talk to your tribe, your dream student, which results in them just appearing in your business?

This is possible and in my 6-month mentorship programme I will guide you to this place, you’ll end up loving marketing, because it’s not something you have to do, it’s just something that happens because you just become you, you step into that place where you were always meant to be. Join the wait list and find out more here – https://amy-yoga.com/prosperous-yogini-programme/

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