Pregnancy yoga teacher training – it’s not just about the yoga

I have had the immense honour of teaching pregnancy and postnatal yoga classes to women in my local area of St Agnes, Cornwall, for over 12 years now.   I can say hand on heart I love my job and to this day I love working with women at this special time in their lives’ and of course getting the odd baby cuddle too!

Like all yoga teachers when covid struck I had to take my classes online, and in the UK lock down of March 2020 we all just accepted it and got on with hanging out on zoom.

Things were very different second time round in November 2020.  I had full, busy in-person classes, both pregnancy and mum & baby and this time when we had to go back online only about 40% joined me.

Everyone who didn’t join the online classes gave the one, same reason:

“I was coming to meet other mums”

I’d always known my classes weren’t just about the yoga. I knew women were coming for community and connection with other pregnant women who were all having the same shared experience of growing a baby and becoming a mother. But I don’t think I realised just how important this was.

Why you must set up a pregnancy yoga class!

My lovely pregnancy yoga class, online and in-person!

Pregnancy yoga classes create community and connection, a place for mums-to-be to meet other mums-to-be, in setting up these classes you create this much needed, special place.  You create opportunity for life long friendships to be forge, and plans to be made for coffee and cake meet ups, honestly the yoga is just secondary to this.

So often as yoga teachers we get caught up in the inner dialogue of not being good enough, or not being ready to teach. This dialogue not only causes us to suffer but also denies our potential students the opportunity to do yoga, become part of a community and for connections that are vital to our well-being.  So my friends turn that spotlight off you, onto your students and get teaching.

And if you’ve been thinking of training to teach in pregnancy yoga, then I urge you to do it (with me of course!).  But all joking aside the more opportunity women have in pregnancy to meet other pregnant women the better and you can create this through yoga.  So train to teach in pregnancy yoga, and start teaching, it’s not just about the yoga!

Train to teach pregnancy yoga with me?

If you would like to train to teach pregnancy –

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