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An experienced soul-led female entrepreneur, yoga teacher-trainer, educator and business mentor.

Here you’ll find high-standard, innovative, yoga teacher training courses and unique coaching experiences fusing magical energy work with epic business advice.

I believe it’s time for women to rise up, share their gifts with the world and make money!

I bring my 24+ years of experience in education and mentoring, and 14+ years as a yoga teacher to all that I offer.  You’ll find me in person, in locations always by the sea and online!


Amy Jones Business mentor and Yoga Teacher Trainer
Cover of Amy's Prosperous Yogini podcast


From my experience of working with women to start and grow their businesses, I found that the same issues came up time and time again. 

They are also the ones that I’ve worked through having been a self-employed solopreneur for 14+ years.

After repeating myself for too long I started a podcast!

Tune in weekly for support in taking action to turn your passion into profit, and create a business that you and your clients love.

Prosperous Yogini mentorship programme


Women are naturally drawn to service-based businesses, where they share their gifts to help others.

Traditionally we feel uncomfortable with selling ourselves and services, and terrible when it comes to money!

Thoughts become things and as a result we often over-give, under-charge and believe we’re rubbish at ‘the business stuff’.

I believe we need to do business differently and work with the yin and the yang, the masculine and the feminine energies.

That it is possible to do what lights you up, help people and make money!

I work with yoga teachers and female, solo-soul led-entrepreneurs through my 1:1 offers, in-person group coaching workshops and VIP business retreats days, and online group programmes.


I have been involved in education and training in one way or another for over 24 years, and utilise my educational background, with years of practising and teaching yoga to craft engaging, innovative, accessible courses that ensure outstanding results and experiences for all involve.

Training includes my 300-hour Foundation YTT, and in-person Yin-yoga training courses with creative twists, alongside online, flexible, specialist training courses in Yin, Pregnancy and Postnatal yoga, and shorter self-paced CPD, that you can start today!

Yin yoga teacher training
Foundation Yoga Teacher Training course
Pregnancy yoga training course


I’ve been teaching yoga for over 14 years, and 12 of those were spent specialising in pregnancy, postnatal and toddler yoga!  These days I am madly in love with Yin yoga and you can practise with me online, live or on-demand.

amy in a hip opening yoga pose

Join my Yin-club membership, for just £22 a month! 

Triangle pose

Online and on-demand yoga classes at the Yoga Library



Recession-Proof Your Yoga Business!

Recession-Proof Your Yoga Business!

💚Imagine a thriving, impactful yoga business.💚One supporting bumps, mums and littles ones.💚A yoga business that you can fit around your family life and school hours....



Amy is phenomenal.  She is down to earth, real and developmental.  Her communication with a class and its members is great.  She has outstanding knowledge, which she strives to share with everyone and does so in fantastic and connective ways.

B Davis


Love her classes. Yin and vinyasa. Such a joy! Extraordinary how Amy continues to grow in variety, compassion and enthusiasm. Her attention to detail never fails, making them a happy learning experience.

Linda Twinn

I've learned so much

Amy’s yoga classes (vinyasa and yin) are always approached with humanity, compassion and humour. They bring the mind and the body together and enable you to explore your own potential and intentions without imposing expectations on how “well” you achieve a pose. I have learned so much from attending her classes in person and online.

Sarah Jervis


Yoga business coach

Amy is a registered Yoga Alliance Professionals trainer and coach, and IPHM approved training provider.  All CPD courses over 8 hours are accredited YAP development workshops and IPHM trainings.