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Hi I’m Amy!

An experienced, dedicated and multi-passionate yoga teacher, trainer and mentor.   With over 22 years of experience in education and training, I’ve spent over 13 of these as a yoga teacher. 

I train passionate yogis to become successful, thriving teachers and support yoga teachers to gain additional skills and knowledge through my specialist training courses.

My Prosperous Yogini podcast, mentoring programme and community (coming very soon!), supports female yoga teachers, and other wellness entrepreneurs, to turn their passion into profit and create a business that they and their clients love!


Podcast, mentoring programme and community for female yoga teachers and other wellness entrepreneurs.

Podcast launching June 2022

Programme launching July 2022

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I teach in-person pregnancy, mum & baby, and toddler yoga from the lovely studios at the MMI St Agnes, Cornwall.  

Online classes include my joyful Yin-Club membership, on-demand classes at the Yoga Library and courses to guide you through pregnancy and postnatal recovery. 


I love training and supporting yoga teachers to expand their specialist knowledge and skills.  After years of personally struggling to find the time and money to make it to training I now deliver most of my courses online.  Creating high-quality, flexible and accessible yoga teacher training for busy people.

All courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals.  They are delivered via an innovative mix of group training, self-paced study, mentoring and online community support, using the Teachable platform and Circle community.

My 8-month hybrid (in-person & online) Foundation yoga teacher training runs annually from September.  You can start my online Pregnancy & Postnatal, Toddler or Yin yoga specialist training courses anytime.


    I also wrote a book – Two Little Yogis

    Inspired by my own two children and all the little yoigs I’ve taught over the years.

    This joyful children’s yoga book is a fun, flowing yoga sequence that encourages and enhances the natural movement patterns of younger children. It’s a true yoga book, which includes movement (asana), breath work (pranayama), mantra (sound) and introduces the art of passivity and stillness, even for the briefest of moments.



    How do I become a better yoga teacher?

    How do I become a better yoga teacher?

    This seems a big question, with many things you may need to do or achieve in order to get better at teaching yoga.    What if the answer was simple and...



    Love her classes. Yin and vinyasa. Such a joy! Extraordinary how Amy continues to grow in variety, compassion and enthusiasm. Her attention to detail never fails, making them a happy learning experience.

    Linda Twinn

    I've learned so much

    Amy’s yoga classes (vinyasa and yin) are always approached with humanity, compassion and humour. They bring the mind and the body together and enable you to explore your own potential and intentions without imposing expectations on how “well” you achieve a pose. I have learned so much from attending her classes in person and online.

    Sarah Jervis


    Amy is phenomenal. She is down to earth, real and developmental. Her communication with a class and its members is great. The ways in which she has adapted her teaching over the past year due to corona has been quick and effective ensuring that so many people are still aided and getting to enjoy her energy, do yoga and develop their practices. She has outstanding knowledge which she strives to share with everyone and does so in fantastic and connective ways.

    B Davis


    I'd love to stay in touch.....

    And tell you all about my yoga classes and teacher training courses.  As well as my mentoring podcast, programme and online community for female yoga teachers and other wellness professionals - Prosperous Yogini.

    I promise not to email you too much!

    Amy x

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