Ep. 103 – Finding your zone of genius

When you find your zone of genius, you find your flow, you find what you truly came here to do in this given moment.

The zone of genius concept is not mine, it belongs to Gay Hendricks and I strongly recommend you read his book The Big Leap, to fully understand it.

To find our zone we have to go out play, test, and learn, and I believe sometimes get it wrong in order to get it right.

I love the concept as it reinforces the mindset that there is room for us all, we are all unique, and individual, and the competition we feel and perceive is false.

We can struggle to find it, especially if we are being called to do something radically different from where we currently find ourselves.

Societal beliefs can often see us conforming to paths away from our zone!  The weight of I ‘should do this’, weighs heavy on us all.

Your zone of genius is that place where you feel totally lit up, where if it’s work it certainly doesn’t feel like it.

We all have this place, and my mission is to guide more women to do what lights them up and find their zone.


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