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This is a Yin-yoga teacher training course with a twist, honouring Yin’s ability to teach us to slow down and value our uniqueness.

A fusion of Yin-yoga, Human Design and Restorative yoga this unique training combines 4-days of Yin-yoga training, plus 4 workshops covering the topics of Human Design and Restorative yoga, all delivered live online via Zoom, starting Saturday 24th February 2024.

This Yin-Yoga teacher training is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals and the IPHM.  The course is open to yoga teachers, other holistic and wellness practitioners, and dedicated Yin-yoga students who want to deepen their practice.

Creatively delivered as follows:

4-days Yin-Yoga Teacher Training (LIVE ONLINE)

2x 2hr Human Design workshops (Live Online)

2x 2hr Restorative yoga Workshops (Live Online)

Beautiful Yin-Yoga ASANa Manual

Online Teacher Portal with Pre-training reSources

Online Yin-yoga class Library (12 classes & plans)


Yin yoga YTT


Over recent years, Yin-yoga has become an incredibly popular practice, rooted at the intersection of ancient Eastern cultures, this slower, introspective practice provides a much-needed counterbalance to our fast-paced world.  Fused with our deeper understanding of fascial anatomy and the human body Yin-yoga offers balance to our over-active yang lifestyles, as well as drastically improving muscle function, recovery and range of motion.

This comprehensive training equips you with all the resources, tools and content to enable you to further your practice and become an effective teacher of Yin-yoga.  Teaching is just one part of being a yoga teacher as you are also a business owner. This business-positive training ensures that you know how to effectively support your students while making your business profitable.


  • History of Yin-yoga
  • Understanding fascia
  • The essence of Yin energy in the body
  • The nervous system and eustress
  • The principles of Yin-yoga
  • The key postures of Yin-yoga, their anatomy, and modifications, including adaptations for pregnancy
  • The art of teaching Yin-yoga; planning, sequencing and delivery
  • The business of teaching Yin-yoga
  • Introduction into Human Design and it’s connection to you, your practice and your yoga business
  • Introduction to Restorative Yoga, turning down the sensation from Yin


Yoga teacher training Cornwall

Yin-yoga teaches us to honour our uniqueness, listen to the body, and let it guide us.  Human design provides us with our unique map to direct us in our practice, our lives and running our business.  Find out more about Human Design HERE.

Where does Restorative yoga begin and Yin-yoga end?  Can this even be measured?  Some days we need deeper rest within our practice, this is when we can turn to Restorative yoga.

Fusing Yin-yoga teacher training with a little bit of  Human Design and Restorative yoga feels a perfect mix!


Hi I’m Amy and I love Yin-yoga!  I was a self-confessed avid yangster until my mid-30s when being a mother of two little children and a desire to keep surfing meant my body felt tight, tired and burnout.

I turned to Yin-yoga for help and it changed my life!  I am happily surfing regularly in my mid-40s, but the practice of Yin-yoga has massively helped me feel calmer, soothed my nervous system, and increased my flexibility and overall well-being.

I’ve been teaching yoga for over 14 years, and involved in education and training for over 24!  I’ve had the honour of studying Yin-yoga with Norman Blair and Bernie Clarke, as well as studying fascial anatomy with Gary Carter.

I love doing things slightly differently and this training combines my skill in both training live online and creating pre-recorded content, and my fascination with fascia, the body, energy and Human Design!



Jane has been my training partner in crime since 2020, as the co-tutor in our Foudantion YTT.  Jane has a deep fascination with the subtle energy of the human body and a knowing of the power of deep rest.   Trained by Deborah Berryman Jane brings her wisdom of resting and trauma-informed somatics to this course through 2 online Restorative yoga workshops.


Finnie is the founder of Ananta Studio Newquay, our Cornish home for this course.  A trained yoga teacher, with additional Yin-training and an avid surfer, Finnie’s other passion lies in Human Design.  As a highly trained Human Design Coach Finnie will introduce to your unique Human Design map and how to use it in your practice, teaching and yoga business.



Dates: Saturday & Sunday 10am to 4pm, UK GMT

Weekend 1 – February 24th & 25th.  Weekend 2 – 16th & 17th March.

*You are required to attend our weekend sessions live as much as possible, but they will be recorded and replays available for 28 days.  If you are unable to make the course dates please consider my online self-paced study Yin YTT which will better suit your needs if you wish to fit training around your available time.

Online workshops 6pm – 8pm

  • Friday 1st March – Workshop 1: Introduction to Human Design, what is it and why it matters.
  • Friday 8th March – Workshop 2: Using human design in Yin practice, teaching and business.
  • Wednesday 13th March – Workshop 3: Introduction to restorative yoga.
  • Wednesday 20th March – Workshop 4: Practicing and teaching restorative yoga.

Replays are also available of these workshops if you cannot them attend live.

Cost: Pay in Full £595 or a payment plan of 5 x £120. 




  • 4-days Yin-yoga teacher training live via Zoom
  • 4 x 2hr workshops in Human Design & Restorative Yoga live via Zoom
  • Printed Yin-asana manual
  • Online teacher portal with pre-course resources and Yin-yoga class library
  • 6-months Access to Amy’s Yin-club & weekly live class
  • 50-hour Yoga Alliance Professionals further training and IPHM-accredited training
  • Post-training support

Does not include:

  • Technology to access online learning.
  • Insurance to teach


5 x £120


  • 4-days Yin-yoga teacher training live via Zoom
  • 4 x 2hr workshops in Human Design & Restorative Yoga live via Zoom
  • Printed Yin-asana manual
  • Online teacher portal with pre-course resources and Yin-yoga class library
  • 6-months Access to Amy’s Yin-club & weekly live class
  • 50-hour Yoga Alliance Professionals further training and IPHM-accredited training
  • Post-training support

Does not include:

  • Technology to access online learning.
  • Insurance to teach
YTT feedback


This training is fantastic!  It has fuelled my love of Yin-yoga, as well as enhancing my knowledge of fascia.  Amy’s explanations are very clear and the format of the course is easy to follow and extremely detailed.  Amy’s passion for Yin Yoga is evident…and contagious! I warmly recommend training with Amy, whether you wish to further your own practice or become a Yin-yoga teacher.”

Helene Rouget



Places on this live course are limited pre-booking and payment are essential to secure your place


Pay in full £595 – CLICK HERE

Payment plan 5 x £120 – CLICK HERE 

If you prefer training physically in-person please checkout my dates at the Zen Den at Watergate bay in June 2024 here.

Email Amy at amyjonesyoga@gmail.com if you have any further questions.


Please note that all payments are non-refundable.  

Numbers on this course are limited and you are given immediate access to all online pre-course material and the Yin-yoga class library.  For these reasons, all payments for this course are non-refundable, although exceptional circumstances are always considered.  Please make sure you can make the financial and time commitment required for this course before committing to it.

Your place on the course cannot be sold or given to anyone else, all bookings and payments for the course are made directly through Amy Jones. 

Amy Jones has the right to cancel the course at any point.  In the unlikely event of a course being cancelled, you will be refunded your full course fees or offered alternative dates, of which if you can’t attend you will be offered a full refund.  Other costs incurred such as travel or time off work cannot be reimbursed. 

If you need to withdraw from the course at any point, please put this in writing to Amy Jones, at amyjonesyoga@gmail.com


Students need to attend 100% of the course contact hours, which are the 2 Yin Yoga training weekends February 24 & 25th and March 16th & 17th.  

However, these sessions will be recorded and available for replay, 28 days after the live training. 

If there are certain dates and times you cannot attend live please discuss this with Amy.

If you are looking for a more flexible online course please check out my online self-paced study course HERE.


Assessment is through 1 essay, from a choice of topics, that can be delivered in written or video/audio format depending on your preferences.

Teaching practice – on Day 4 of the in-person training all students will teach a 15-minute section of a Yin class.


You will have 12 months of access to the recordings of the 4 online restorative and human design workshops, all pre-recorded Yin-yoga training resources and the Yin-yoga class library of 12 classes.

Post-training I am happy to help if any questions come up via email and you can join my closed yoga teacher FB group for collective support.


Please note that Amy Jones will pass on your details to the Yoga Alliance Professional so they can contact you to register.  Your details will not be passed on to any other parties.

Amy will also need your postal address to post your copy of the manual.

By booking and making a payment for this course you are agreeing to all the T&Cs laid out above, including the cancellation policy.  Please consider your personal circumstance when considering the course and the requirements to attend all in-person training sessions.

Yoga Alliance Professionals senior teacher
Yoga Alliance Professionals trainer pro
Yoga business coach

Amy is a registered Yoga Alliance Professionals trainer and coach, and IPHM approved training provider.  All training courses are accredited by YAP and the IMPH.