Why train to be a yoga teacher?

Like the inquisitive mind of a toddler I continue to ask the question – ‘why’?  It’s a great question – why am I doing this?  Why do I want to do this?  Clarifying your reasons why helps to drive you to take action and commit to making positive changes in your life.

So why are you thinking of training to be a yoga teacher?  Do you keep looking on the Internet at courses, or perhaps there’s one course and one teacher you keep just coming back to?

Let’s be honest here training to be a yoga teacher is a big commitment, both financially and in time.   It’s not just about meeting the costs of the course and turning up for the training, it the other costs if it’s in-person and all the study, assignments and practise in-between.  It’s intense, all-consuming, transformational, life-changing and brilliant!

Now if that’s not enough of a reason why there can be plenty of other valid reasons.  Perhaps it really simple you love yoga and want to further your own personal practice.  News flash – it is totally ok to train to be a yoga teacher and not ever teach.  You can do this course just for you and your own personal practise.   One of the great things about YTTs is there’s loads of yoga!

Perhaps you just want to open the door to other possibilities, you’re not sure if you will teach, but you just want to see where this path leads you, I love this!  I love the idea of opening a door and seeing where it goes, the universe will guide you if you listen, it’s just sometimes she says things we don’t want to hear!

Perhaps it’s been a lifelong ambition, a huge career change, or you want to get out of the rat race, be your own boss and create your own business around teaching yoga.  Or perhaps yoga has just had such a huge transformation on your life, helped you, that you are compelled to use yoga to help others.

Or maybe like me, you’re a lifelong teacher; I’ve always been a teacher of what I love.  After figure skating in my youth aged 18 I taught beginner ice skating lessons, then I headed off to music college where I taught music theory on the Saturday morning school and then after music college I trained to be a music teacher and taught music in primary and secondary school for nearly 12 years, and spent 6 of those training adults to be music teachers.

When I found yoga I felt like I’d come home to what I’d always known, teaching yoga was a natural progression for me, the eternal teacher.  But I really genuinely feel that I am now fully home, a teacher of yoga, a teacher trainer, teaching what I love, supporting others through yoga.

And here I am back again to the centre of all reasons why you do something beyond survival – love!  I teach yoga because I love teaching, I love yoga, I love people, I love supporting people through yoga, creating communities and helping yoga teachers to thrive in their yoga communities.

So whatever your reason is, it’s totally valid and I bet when you drill down to the centre of it you’ll find love, so commit and get booked on to that yoga teacher training course!

You can start training with me today. I offer innovative, flexible online specialist training courses in pregnancy, postnatal, toddler & yin yoga, visit https://amy-yoga.com/yoga-teacher-training/


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