Season 2 Episode 4 – An Important Message About Our Money Mindset

Inspired by meeting an incredible woman this week who has been a human rights lawyer, set up community support projects aboard and is now a woman’s coach and yoga teacher with younger children, who is looking to build a new way of working.

And what was stopping her from charging appropriately and growing her business? A fear that if she made more money, wanted to make more money she would be greedy!

Can you imagine what money in the hands of this woman would mean for her, her family and all those causes she would use her time and money to support?

This is a very important message for us all. Wanting more money is not greedy, this is a lie we are fed. Money is just a flow of an energetic resource, it does not care who you are and what you plan to do it with. When you have an abundance of time and money you can decide how to use that excess energy.

And I think we can all agree more money in the hands of women will make the world a better place.

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