Season 2 Episode 3 – What is an idea?

Inspired by my new 30-day online group programme “Ideas to Action”.


Doors close Tuesday 2nd July 8pm.

Have you ever heard the phrase “there are no new ideas”?

I believe ideas live in the non-physical space, aka the space we can’t see, which according to Pam Gregory, the best astrology on YouTube, the unseen makes up 90%, and I have to say I think I agree with her.

Ideas are just floating around waiting for us physical beings, aka humans, to receive them and then if they’re meant for us to take action.

The problem often is we don’t take action, our beautiful brain for a whole multitude of made-up excuses says a big fat “no”, and those ideas stay just that, and we get increasingly frustrated, particularly by others who seemingly are doing what we want to do!

Today I advise on the following:

  1. What to do when you get your idea

  2. How to navigate having too many ideas, I literally could start a new business or launch a new programme every day!

  3. How to know if the idea is meant for you, or perhaps you need to pass it on, I touch on Human Design and the role of a Generator.

  4. What to do when the ideas aren’t flowing, and you need them to.

I’m going to say it one more time, if you catch this episode by 8pm Tuesday 2nd July, you have no choice but to join my new Ideas to Action 30-day group programme.


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