Season 2 Ep. 1 – Live coaching call

My human design type is a generator, which is why you will always see me flowing with new ideas, and my strategy is to respond.  Ask me about your business and I am in my happy place, I love responding to your questions and I love nothing more than helping female soul-led entrepreneurs to do what lights them up and make money.

As I said in today’s episode I truly believe this is my contribution to making the world a better place, the more horrific the news gets, the more fire there is in my belly to help women find aligned ways of being and working, that bring more balance, joy and harmony to the world.

Undoing thousands of years of programming that has kept us from fully sharing our gifts, being our true authentic selves, and feeling wrong talking about money, let alone asking for it, is not going to be easy.  

But I am here for the journey and I invite you to come with me, women it is time!

And I hope you can see from today’s episodes that all you feel and experience as a yoga teacher and a female soul-led entrepreneur, is true for others too.

I also hope you can see that my 24+ years of experience in education and 14+ years of experience as a female entrepreneur means I’ve got plenty of ways I can support you.

It was a joy to answer the questions today that ranged from navigating dropping class numbers, building online courses and signature programmes, creating consistent streams of income, and really the big two for me:

  1. How do we stay grounded and connected in business when, like the rest of the human race, life happens to us?

  2. How do we sell ourselves and our services, because even just showing our faces can be damn scary?

Want more of my help?

My business is diversifying, along with all the great yoga teacher training courses, I am also offering mentoring for female soul-led entrepreneurs, and there’s so much stuff happening (yes I am a generator), the best thing you can do is  visit the following:

Yoga teachers – 

Female soul-led entrepreneurs (new website coming soon!) –


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