Recession-Proof Your Yoga Business!

💚Imagine a thriving, impactful yoga business.
💚One supporting bumps, mums and littles ones.
💚A yoga business that you can fit around your family life and school hours.

And dare I say one that is recession proof? I can’t make any promises but I’ve taught pregnancy, postnatal and toddler yoga for over 12 years. I’ve taught through having my own babies, pandemics and now into an economic uncertain landscape, and my classes continue to thrive.


Because mums and mums to be need community, connection and support now more than ever, and they need you to create it.

Train online with me today, be one of the many teachers I’ve worked with to create their own thriving yoga business specialising in mums and mum-to-be.

Testimonials from those I’ve trained and helped create their own thriving yoga business serving bumps, mums and little ones

Rebecca now teaches busy pregnancy, mum & baby and toddler yoga classes
Claire now teaches busy pregnancy and mum & baby yoga classes

Start training online with today, I will help you create a thriving, impactful yoga business serving bumps, mums and little ones – it’s something I’ve done for over 12 years and I can’t wait to help you do the same


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