Ep. 8 – Creating an email list

If you don’t yet have a mailing list, have a vague notation that you need one, and would like to not have to rely solely on social media then this episode is for you!

Welcome to the team my lovely – Yes, I do have a mailing list, I do send regular emails and I am making an effort to grow my list.

How did I get to this place, well it’s very much like episode 5 and how to build a website, I just decided it was going to happen!

It is very easy to slip into overwhelm with all the things you ‘should’ do when it comes to email marketing, the net result is many of us completely right it off as something we can’t do (that’s for ‘clever’ trained people or lucky yoga teachers who have just somehow made it happen?!)

Where to start when using email marketing

No. You can 100% do this and any yoga teacher that has made it happen, isn’t lucky, they’ve just proved it’s possible and you can do it too.  Here and my 3 basic steps to get started:

  1. Sign up to an email marketing provider – I really recommend Mailerlite (and please use my affiliate link if you do sign up with Mailerlite).  But other ones include Mailchip, Converter-kit, and Active Campaign.  Or if you have a Wix or Square space website, or use Kajabi, they all have email marketing built in, so use what you already have.
  2. Any emails you have from clients that come to your classes, workshops etc, email them and invite them to join your mailing list (you need their permission).
  3. Send an email to your list – however ever big it is!

My mailerlite affiliate link – If you’re interested in signing up for mailer lite and would also like to support me (thank you!), please use my affiliate link to sign up to create your Mailer-lite account https://www.mailerlite.com/a/1rinot31bzfg

Once you’re at this point next steps include:

  • Adding a subscribe here/opt-in on your website (you-tube will tell you how to do this!)
  • Create a lead magnet (say what?) – this is a fancy term for ‘offer something for free’!  For example, access to a class recording, mediation, PDF workbook in exchange for their email to encourage people to join your list.

And remember, they are people, not email addresses, so talk to them via email. This is your email marketing strategy!

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