Ep. 7 – The power of working with a coach or mentor

With the launch of my new mindset and business mentorship programme for female yoga teachers and other solo wellness entrepreneurs last week, it felt fitting to talk about the benefits of working with a mentor or coach in this episode.

Today, I share with you the impact that working 1:2:1 with a coach has had on my business and of course why you should join my Prosperous Yogini Mentorship programme!

Could you imagine where you’d be in terms of your yoga practise if you’d only ever practised by yourself and did the odd free class on YouTube?  The power that a good teacher has to support, inspire and encourage you in the right direction is priceless. For example, I personally would have never tried inversions if it wasn’t for the support of my teacher encouraging me to expand my comfort zone and try them!

So, my big question to you as a business owner is, why are you trying to do this alone?

I’ve been there, tried to muddle through by myself and lapped up all the free training going, but committing to investing in group programmes, memberships and recently working 1:2:1 with a coach has been some of the best decisions I have made for my business.

What often stops us is fear of spending the money, but any good coach, mentor or group programme will help you make your investment back and some.  What mainly stopped me for so long was imposter syndrome, the fear that when someone who knew what they were doing might look at what I did and tell me I didn’t have a clue or was doing it wrong.  Imposter syndrome is so powerful, we all suffer from it, and I wish I ignored it way sooner!

What the podcast on You-tube

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