Ep.5 – How To Build A Website

They say running a business is 80% mindset and 20% action – this is very true!

How to build a website –  it’s really very simple, just DECIDE that it is going to happen.

Commit, take imperfect action and make it non-negotiable, so those inevitable hurdles and obstacles don’t stop you.  Dedicate yourself to learning new skills and processes and set a goal/target – ‘this will happen by…….’!

That mindset shift is all you need; the rest will just happen.

What if you already have a website?

If you already have a website this episode is still very much for you, as I bet there is something you’d love to do right now but feel that you can’t or are stuck in the feeling of over-whelm.

I can speak with serious authority on this as I am no website designer! I had a rubbish, basic website for 12 years but my website was a big part of my business being profitable and successful.  If I had taken it down because I thought it wasn’t good enough, or too basic this would have been a serious mistake.

I have now invested in a new website, which someone professionally built it for me, but I can still edit this site and yes do encounter the odd hurdle and maybe a few technology tears now and again!

But this is all part of sharing my light with the world, which like it or not is online and I still frequently ask google if I want to know something.

The mindset shift

Decide, commit to the process, and take imperfect action – I CAN!

Work with me?

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