Ep.32 – Your Why And Your How

Your ‘why’…

I spent some time wondering why do anything, and in the end I concluded why do anything if not for love?

Why do you teach yoga, what’s your story?

Your why should be at the centre of all you choose to do, but so often we forget our why or we say yes because we feel we can’t say no. 

Your ‘how’…

How do you want to work?  One reason I decided to be a full-time yoga teacher was so I could take my children to and from school and be there in the holidays.  This has framed every decision I make around how and when I want to work.

Revisit your why and how regularly, because you are an ever-expanding human being, your why and how evolve and shift with you.

Get clear on your why and your how, and the rest just flows, it is that simple and the reason why day 1 of the Profitable Yoga Business Roadmap I start with this.

It’s why module 1 of my 6-month Prosperous Yogini Mentoring Programme I ask you to get really clear on your why, what is your soul’s purpose?

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Work with me further

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