Ep.30 – Why Use Launching In Your Yoga Business?

In today’s episode, I explore ‘Launching’, why you may choose to launch, the ways you can launch, covering both in-person and online examples, and the benefits of launching.

Ultimately launching creates a wave of energy, a vibrational surge that opens the door to you a little wider for a period of time.

It’s just one way you can talk to people, aka marketing, which then leads you to invite people to work with you, aka selling!

And why I am starting the year talking about Launching?

Because I am!!!!!

Eyes peeled for Monday 9th January to find out what my launch event is – eek!

Ways to work with me

My free launch event will help you, but truth be told free stuff only takes you so far, what you really need in 2023 is me on your team for 6 months and to join my 6-month group coaching and mentoring programme. 

Other ways we can hang out:

  1. Binge-listen for free to all the episodes of the Prosperous Yogini Podcast – https://amy-yoga.com/prosperous-yogini-podcast/
  2. Train with me.  I offer online, specialist, flexible training courses in Yin, Pregnancy and Postnatal yoga.  Start today and together we can expand your teaching schedule. https://amy-yoga.com/yoga-teacher-training/
  3. Study further with me. I have a range of self-paced study continued professional development courses, covering a range of topics related to teaching yoga and running your yoga business – https://amy-yoga.com/cpd-for-yoga-teachers/

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