Ep. 3 – Friction – navigating and creating it!

Today we explore friction when it comes to running a business (any business, not just a yoga one!) 

Friction appears for us in two ways; friction from external events beyond our control and the friction we create.

I was going to purely talk about the friction we can create in our business, but after coming to record this episode and finding my brand new (and beloved!) Blue Yeti Mic was broken, more than likely thanks to my little girl who had been pretending to do her own podcast, I had to add in the impact of external friction and how to manage and respond to this!

External friction in your yoga business

Events beyond our control – illness, problems with physical spaces, issues with technology, managing students/clients and not to mention global pandemics, wars, and economic crises.   All beyond our control, all have the power to cause us friction, frustration, and discomfort and leave us with a feeling of perhaps it’s best I give up!

They’ll always be points of friction in your business the trick is knowing the process to navigate these moments.

Are you creating friction in your yoga business

  • How easy is it for me to book on to your classes or buy your offers?
  • How easy is it for me to give you money?
  • How easy is it for me to navigate your website?
  • If you don’t have a website (don’t panic), but if you’re just on social media what happens if I’m not or you lose your account?  (Cue major source of external friction!)
  • Do I have to complete a form or make a discovery call first?  If yes is this appropriate to the offer?

Put simply in the words of the brilliant Denise Duffield Thomas – A confused mind says no!

And our overstimulated, busy minds say no very very quickly, make sure your messaging and copy (anything you write) is clear and easy to follow!

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