Ep. 27 – Your Yoga Business

Your yoga business?

How do you feel when you think about your yoga business?

Do you even consider yourself a business owner?

I am a business owner and it’s taken me several years to get to this realisation and to see that I have two roles:

  1. Yoga teacher
  2. Business owner (aka yoga boss over at Amy-Yoga HQ)

Once I realised this, everything about my yoga business began to flow with much more ease.

As a yoga teacher, you are a service provider, the service you provide is the act of teaching yoga.  If you’re a UK-based yoga teacher, unless you only work in an employed capacity, you’ll also be a registered sole trader.

To sustainably offer your services as a yoga teacher you also need to step into the role of business owner, whether you run 1 class a week or work full time in your business, or somewhere in between, the principles are the same.

Yoga boss pants!

Once you find your yoga boss pants, and wear them, the following 3 things will change for you and your yoga business:

  1. You’ll make better energetic decisions about how you use your time delivering your services as a yoga teacher.
  2. You’ll make better energetic decisions about money, to ensure you are paid for your services as a yoga teacher.
  3. You’ll see those aspects that don’t involve teaching, like replying to emails, marketing your services, completing tax returns and paying tax, as part of your duty, your dharma to ensure you can deliver your services as a yoga teacher.  It lightens those moments when you think “I’ve been sat at my computer too long!”

Ways to work with me

If you’d like some support finding your yoga boss pants, and stepping into the role as business owner, as well as yoga teacher I would love to help you do this.   The best way to do this is join my 6-month group coaching and mentoring programme.

Other ways we can hang out:

  1. Binge-listen for free to all the episodes of the Prosperous Yogini Podcast – https://amy-yoga.com/prosperous-yogini-podcast/
  2. Train with me.  I offer online, specialist, flexible training courses in pregnancy, postnatal and yin yoga.  Start today and together we can expand your teaching schedule. https://amy-yoga.com/yoga-teacher-training/
  3. Study further with me. I have a range of self-paced study continued professional development courses, covering a range of topics related to teaching yoga and running your yoga business – https://amy-yoga.com/cpd-for-yoga-teachers/


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