Ep.26 – Going Full-Time In Your Yoga Business

Today I am not alone, I’m joined by the lovely Victoria Leigh who in just 2 years since she graduated from my Foundation Yoga Teacher Training course is now FULL-TIME in her yoga business – whoop!

Victoria proves it’s possible, and if you have the ambition to work full-time as a yoga teacher or simply wish to make the part-work that you do profitable, it’s important that you surround yourself with positive people who prove it’s possible. 

Victoria shares with total honesty her journey from part-time yoga teacher and part-time employed job, to where she is now, full-time, with full class with waiting lists, and exciting plans to serve her tribe even further!

We reminisce about covid lockdowns, and her decision to make a 3-hour journey for 2 empty classes!  The bottom line is when we start anything new, we’ll make mistakes, it’s the best way to learn what does work for us.

In the midst of the UK’s 3rd lockdown in 2021, Victoria took the totally unplanned decision to train in trapeze yoga, despite a huge fear of inversions!  This was the best decision she ever made; she’s now responsible for a trapeze yoga craze in Cornwall! 

Not just that she’s totally found her tribe.  Women at a stage in their lives where hanging upside down is immensely empowering and helping to navigate the anxiety and lack of self-esteem that can come with the peri-menopausal and menopausal stages of our lives.

Two years on Victoria is immensely clear on her tribe, she knows her ‘dream student’ and has magnetized them to her.  She doesn’t have a full-blown website, preferring to use a booking site. She does use social media, but sparingly, and has just started her mailing list – well done Vic! She proves that when you get really clear about who and how you want to serve, and when you show up for that ‘dream student’, they find you.  Your energy literally attracts them!

What’s more, as Victoria now plans to expand her business she’s not thinking she needs more in her community, she’s thinking about how she can serve those who are already there.  This powerful message tells us that it’s not about a big audience, it’s about finding your audience.

Check out Victoria on social media – https://www.instagram.com/victorialeighyoga/

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