Ep.25 – What if you are right where you are meant to be?

It’s another mini-sode, but it’s mighty! Today in this short episode I ask you one very, very ,very important question.

“What if you are right where you are meant to be?”

So often when I am working with other yoga teachers there’s a huge sense of they should be further along, and simply not having enough time to do it all.

There’s always time!

There is always enough time, but you can’t do it all and nor do you need to.

When we step back and lean into a belief that we are right where we are meant to be, even if it’s not what we expected, planned, or hoped for.  It’s irrelevant if someone else seems ahead of you, that’s their journey not yours.

And what does hindsight tell us?  When we look back at these moments of frustration, of something not happening yet, we often think “I am so glad it didn’t”.  Why wait for hindsight to feel good?

When we lean into the what if, what if this is where I am meant to be and I have time, suddenly we feel calmer, happier.  We tone down sympathetic nervous system response, and you know as a yoga teacher this is a good thing!

Work with me?

All of this is easier said than done, and it is so much easier to do with support.  

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