Ep. 24 – Your Questions Answered!

A few weeks ago, I surveyed the yoga teachers in my community on where they were and how I could best continue to support and help them with my mentoring and training programmes. The information has been gold-dust and a HUGE thank you to all the teachers who took the time to respond. As part of this process, some teachers asked me a question and I thought why not answer them all in a podcast episode! 

It’s my longest episode to date, and a great example of what it would be like to hire me on your team if you joined my mentoring programme – you could ask me questions all the time!

I cover managing quiet classes, fluctuating numbers when teaching pregnancy yoga, navigating your beautiful brain, messaging, marketing, niching (or not!), filling classes, working part-time, working full-time, managing time, juggling family life, being a yoga boss and a yoga teacher, and how to utilize a small space in your house or garden. 

(And probably more!)

It’s pure gold-dust!

It’s a 1-hour coaching session with yours truly!

Work with me?

And if you’d like more of this and to tap into my 13 years+ of experience to help you teach with confidence and run your business with ease then the answer is to join my 6-month group mentoring programme. Join the wait list and find out more here – https://amy-yoga.com/prosperous-yogini-programme/

I know from the responses from my survey that 100% want to earn more money from teaching yoga, and most wanted help on the business side, but most are planning more training.

More training is great, but hand on heart it doesn’t help the mind trash, fill your classes or support you with your business, not to mention free stuff only goes so far.

It’s my mentoring programme you need – https://amy-yoga.com/prosperous-yogini-programme/

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