Ep. 22 – Help! My Yoga Classes Are Full.

Today’s episode is inspired by a conversation I’ve had with one of the regular listeners to the show.  They got in touch to say they’d just started teaching, their classes were full, knew it was just luck, was surprised because there’s already so much yoga in her local area, and was worried that she couldn’t accommodate everyone!

What a fantastic problem to have!

Firstly, it’s not luck, your beautiful brain will try to convince you of this, or worst may even persuade you to engage in some act of self-sabotage, because you feel you don’t deserve it.   Yep, dear Mrs Imposter syndrome will rock up and say, “this won’t last, they’ll find you out”.

Knowledge is power and knowing this will happen will help you navigate it and not act upon it!

What I also love about this story is how it proves that the whole fear, scarcity-based mindset that ripples through so many yoga teacher FB groups, that there’s too many yoga teachers, is simply not true.  Yoga breeds more yoga, teaching somewhere where lots of yoga happens is a sign people are up for yoga!  There is room for us all!

But a situation where a class is full – and you don’t have control over numbers, and could end up turning people away – is not a good one to be in.  Or perhaps you have people wanting to do yoga with you, but can’t.  They are losing out, and you are leaving money and opportunity on the table.

My advice

  • Know it’s not luck and be immensely grateful you are in this position, it’s a sign this is totally what you are meant to do!
  • Get a booking system, charge in blocks, drop the drop-ins, and put your prices up.
  • Use your booking system to set up a waitlist, when you have enough on this waitlist start a new class.
  • You have a group of raving fans, start thinking about how you could serve them more and grow your business, perhaps they’d love a workshop?

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