Ep.21 – What Is The Difference Between A Coach And A Mentor?

With the doors to my 6-month group mentoring and coaching programme for yoga teachers re-opening I thought this was a good time to discuss the role of a mentor and coach. And is there a difference between a coach and a mentor?

And if there is any difference, does it really matter? 

A mentor

I believe that there is a distinction that can be made between a coach and a mentor. I think a mentor is someone who shares their knowledge, skills and experience in order to help you to develop and grow.  They’re great listeners, so tend to talk a little less, but always tell you what they’ve done and what they’ve learned from their experience. 

A coach

A coach is someone who provides more in the way of direct guidance to you on your goals, helping you to reach you full potential.  Coaches more directly tell you what to do to improve, and may listen a little less and tell a little more. 

Both coaches and mentors support people to thrive, shine their light into the world and be the best version of themselves.  And ultimately, pigeonholing yourself as either or is perhaps not the best approach. There are times when we need mentoring and there are times when we need coaching. The people who have the most positive impact on our lives are those who can do both and know when to change roles.

And I am on a mission to help female yoga teachers share their gifts with the world and make money through my coaching and mentoring! 

The key factor when working with a coach or mentor means you are no longer alone.  With the doors of Prosperous Yogini mentoring programme re-opening Friday 4th November – yoga teachers I urge you to hire me on your team for 6 months and stop trying to figure it out alone.   

I am so proud of the impact that my mentoring programme is having on those already in it.  I am ready to help you build, grow and scale your profitable, sustainable and impactful yoga business, and I know deep down you are too!

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