Ep.20 – Your Dream Yoga Business!

It’s my first minisode, and in this short episode I’ll talk about why the first thing you should do in your yoga business is to get really really clear on what your dream yoga business would look like?!

Get clear on your why?

What’s your ‘why’? Well of course, this will be to share the love that is yoga and help people.  But how do you want to work, when do you want to work, would you like to be a full-time or part–time yoga teacher, and how much money would you like to earn?

In my 6-month Prosperous Yogini mentorship programme this is the first thing I’ll ask you to get really clear on.

When you tap into your ‘why’, you begin to step into the flow of why you are on this path, you say yes to the things you are meant to do and stop agreeing to work that leaves you feeling frustrated or unsatisfied.

Work with me?

This takes courage, and it’s much better to do this work with support, join my mentorship programme today and I will help you to step into your soul purpose and build, grow and scale your dream yoga business, the one you are meant to create.

Next 6-month cohort starts end of January 2023, join the wait list and find out more here – https://amy-yoga.com/prosperous-yogini-programme/

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