Ep.2 – How to know what to charge

Episode 2 – How to know what to charge 

After listening to episode 1 you’re now totally sold on the belief that to serve, share your passion, teach yoga, you have to have a profitable, sustainable business model.

This only happens through action, so let’s get to it!

How do you know what to charge for your services?

In this episode, I primarily focus on the model of teaching classes, but a huge caveat here, this isn’t the only way to make money teaching yoga.   This model also has a ceiling, there are only so many classes you can physically teach in a week and if it’s in-person only so many people you can fit in one room!

But my nifty little equation, a + a = everyone is happy, (yes not a figure in sight), works for any offer.

You know the importance of balanced energy, for your price to be right long-term the energy out must balance the energy in.

Here is where data and woo-woo meet, you need to know the facts, what does it cost you to run this offer?   Always start here!  Then take time to shift through the noise stuff, until you find a price that says “hell yes”, that’s your inner wisdom, intuition talking.

It’s a process of time, practise and patience – just like your yoga practise!

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