Ep.17 – Creating An Online Yoga Business

Why does your mind say ‘no’?

Stepping out from our place of safety, and doing anything new is never easy, and this includes creating your first online yoga course.  Your beautiful brain is hard-wired to keep you safe, stay with what is known, what is comfortable, be liked and stick with the tribe.

Your wonderful, human brain has several strategies to stop you in your tracks on any path that is a new journey or has an un-known outcome, these include:

  • Imposter Syndrome – she’ll tell you if you go online 100% there’s way more chance you’ll be found out you and don’t know what you’re doing!
  • You self-sabotage – by convincing yourself you need to look a certain way, or you don’t have the right voice!
  • Procrastination will attempt to win the day, along with over-whelm that will have you spinning around in a circle being very busy, but doing nothing!
  • Perfectionism – the killer of joy, and a trickster because basically, perfection does not exist!
  • Compare and despair – yes, I’m sure in your research you’ve found some online yoga teachers who have been doing It for years and compared yourself to them.  Did you check them out at the start of their online journey? No! They simply prove what’s possible!

So, say “thank you” to your beautiful brain, navigate this mind-trash with compassion, but take action, imperfect action, it’s the only way to do this!  

And tap into the strongest muscle in the body – love!  When you tap into this, get super clear on why you want to create an online yoga business, love will always win over fear.

And that my lovely is a message for life, love is always more powerful than fear, and we are all more powerful than we could ever imagine!

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