Ep.16 – How Do Yoga Teachers Make Money?

There are a whole host of wonderful ways yoga teachers can share their gifts with the world and make money!

It is a simple fact most yoga teachers, especially when starting out and cutting their craft as a teacher, opts for the model of in-person weekly classes.  And this is a great model, and for many years this is how I consistently made money as a yoga teacher.


This only goes so far, there are only so many classes you can physically teach in a week and how many people you can fit into a room.

Other ways yoga teachers make money and share the light that is yoga, include workshops, retreats, 1:2:1s, training programmes, and cohort-based specialist courses.  These too are great, and I thoroughly recommend expanding into some of these options when you feel ready.


All of the above requires you to trade your time and your services for money and this has a ceiling.  If you want to earn more and help more people, then you have to do more = burnout.

Create an online yoga course?

What if you leveraged your time for money, created online offerings which meant you didn’t always need to be physically there, or you could help way more people in one go.  Leveraging your time online opens the door on your earning potential as yoga teacher, and one I thoroughly recommend you open.

So, at this point your brain starts to tell you that you’re no good with technology, you wouldn’t know where to start or there are loads of free you-tube videos – right?!   What if this wasn’t true?

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