Ep. 13 – How Much Do UK Yoga Teachers Make?

According to google in 2022, the average salary of a UK-based yoga teacher is somewhere between £25,000 to £32,00 per year.

I know from my experience of mentoring female yoga teachers that this figure can vary wildly and truth be told today’s podcast isn’t actually about average salaries of a yoga teacher based in the UK.  It’s about the mindset of money and how our collective beliefs could be keeping our incomes way lower than they should be.

Here is some interesting data from Google about the yoga industry in 2022:

  • UK yoga industry is worth approx. £926 million
  • Globally the Yoga Industry is worth somewhere between $37 to $88 billion (several figures for this one!)
  • 75% of all yoga teachers are women 

Add into this on average men still earn more than women in every country in the world.

Women are hard-wired to over-deliver and under-charge, we’re long-term suffers of imposter syndrome, and all of this keeps us under-valuing what we bring to the world, under-charging, and burning out!

Ever questioned why yoga teachers believe it’s hard to earn money when the industry (let alone the wellness industry!) is worth so much?

Ever questioned why men earn more than women?

When we begin to question what we just accept as truth we can start to re-write these truths, and I want a world where women know the value of their gifts and charge appropriately, creating a business that energetically and economically supports them and makes the world a better place!

3 top tips to improve how much you can earn as a yoga teacher:

  1. Do the maths on all your offers, what is your profit after costs (do you need to charge more, probably!)
  2. Keep doing the maths, track your money in and out of your business and commit to making profit a habit.
  3. Leverage – teaching weekly classes will only take you so far.  I love my weekly classes, but they are just part of my yoga business.  To fully share your gifts with the world and earn more money as a yoga teacher you need to diversify your offers and learn to leverage your time (more on this to come!)

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