Ep.12 – How To Avoid Business Overwhelm

Being stuck in the feeling of overwhelm is certainly one of my most common self-sabotaging behaviours!  Is it one of yours?

That feeling of having so much to do, that we don’t know what to do, or how to do something, keeps us spinning around in circles, wasting negative energy, and ultimately doing nothing!

Feeling overwhelmed is pretty understandable as a solo entrepreneur, we wear many hats and have many roles within our business, teaching yoga is the service we offer, this is just one part of your yoga business. 

Overwhelm is a stress response, a negative one and that’s never a good thing.

How to navigate overwhelm

Here’s how to work your way out of feeling stuck and overwhelmed:

  1. Come up with a strategy – what are the steps needed in order to complete the task(s) that currently feel impossible?
  2. How much time will this take? (Be generous with your time)
  3. Set aside time to do this task and commit to doing nothing else in that planned slot of time.

Other useful tips

  • What are your glass balls and what are your plastic balls e.g. what can you drop for now (the plastic ones!)
  • Can you get help from friends, family, or paid help.

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