EP11 – Mindset Is Everything When Running Your Business.

Today I am inspired by a brilliant quote by Denise Duffield-Thomas – “Mindset is everything, the rest you can google”.

She couldn’t be more right!  Everything on the tech front can be figured out, and teaching is a skill you simply have to practise (so get out and teach btw!), keep practising and just share your love of yoga, the rest will follow.

But your beautiful brain may have other ideas!   Your brain is hardwired to keep you safe, loved and alive – thank you dear brain!  But this sometimes impacts our thoughts and therefore you must remember this formula:

Your thoughts create your beliefs, your beliefs inspire your actions (or non-action), and your actions create your results.

This cycle is going on in every aspect of your life, including your yoga business, and right now a whole load of mind-stuff trash could be stopping you from sharing the gift of yoga with the world and making money!

This isn’t about over-come self-limiting beliefs, I’ll tell you now you can’t overcome being human, so give up on that endeavour, plus being human is pretty cool!  

It is sometimes about feeling the fear and doing it anyway, but largely it’s about working from a place of compassion and expanding your zone of comfort.  This is how you create and grow your dream yoga business.

It is not easy doing this work alone, and the good news is you don’t need to!  

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