Ep. 1 – It is safe to make money

I’m going straight in and challenging those deep rooted subconscious beliefs that I believe are collectively held by many of us (me included!)

We love what we do.

We do it to help people.

So we feel we shouldn’t make money or it’s wrong to make money from our passion.

Or we don’t fully value our skills, gifts, and experience and believe it’s hard to make money from them.

It’s hard to earn money as a yoga teacher?

In this episode I challenge the following 3 beliefs, have you ever heard, seen, felt, or said them yourself – I know I have!

  1. It’s hard to make money teaching yoga (especially when you first start)
  2. It’s wrong to make money from teaching yoga
  3. It’s wrong to talk about how you make money from teaching yoga, it’s wrong to talk about money.

What we appreciate appreciates, I encourage you to use what you know, mantra, and affirmations – “It is safe for me to make money teaching yoga”.  In fact in order for you to fully serve your students it’s your duty, so you can show up with abundance.

Money doesn’t care if you are a yoga teacher, how long you have been teaching or what your website looks like!  It’s simply a medium of exchange, the energy of your services for the energy of money.  Yoga teachers, you know that we strive to have our energies in balance; there is no difference here.

Take what I say today; sit with it (yes meditate and listen)

It is safe for you to make money (teaching yoga)!

Prosperous Yogini Podcast on you-tube Episode 1

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  1. Nic Bullock

    Oh AMY – You are so inspirational! I don’t work on Fridays, so your podcast is going to be my morning coffee break time! I totally agree with your points today – I’m in a different position as you know, as I’m employed at a primary school as a SEN TA and also get paid overtime to deliver yoga classes to the EYFS and KS1. Therefore, I get my money through the school and academy trust no problem and I know how much I will be getting every week. Of course, there are terms when I deliver less classes due to other subjects taking precedence but on the whole it’s pretty much the same each month. Self employed yoga teachers don’t have that guarantee, but that doesn’t mean they should work for a pittance! I willingly pay my money to my brilliant yoga teacher for his fantastic classes and I’m sure anyone who does yoga will do the same. Xx

    • Amy Jones

      Ah Nic thank you for your lovely words, there are certainly pros and cons to being employed V self-employed and vice versa! Enjoy the podcast and your yoga classes. And I know the lovely kids at your school will be loving their yoga with you xxx


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