Yin-Yoga Teacher Training


Yin-yoga teacher training course (50hrs), accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals 

This course is for anyone who has a passion for Yin-yoga, wants to deepen their own practise, as well as teach Yin to others and support people to live a more balanced life.

It is open to yoga teachers and to non-yoga teachers with a professionally related back ground, such a massage, body work, fitness and education.

Train to teach Yin-yoga and help people live with more peace and balance, as well as massively improve their muscle function and range of motion. Yin is now a hugely popular style of yoga, our over-active yang lifestyles need this more restful, deeper and slower practise.

The world needs Yin-Yoga!

This online course has a practical focus that includes a comprehensive curriculum with all the resources, tools and content to enable you to become an effective teacher of Yin-yoga. Teaching is just one part of being a yoga teacher, you are also a business owner, and this business positive training also ensures you make money on your investment.


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