The art of teaching yin yoga


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On the surface yin-yoga appears relatively easy to teach; a slow paced style of yoga, with plenty of time to offer adjustments and not too many asanas needed to create a class. But how do you fill the space of the hold other than simply playing music or allowing for silence, both are valid, but there is an opportunity to tell a story or interweave a theme into these spaces, this certainly is an art!

Often we're moving on to the next action, the next pose, but the re-bound is for me where the magic is at.

In this 2-part, 2-hour training, I explore thematic planning, the interweaving of the theme within the holds and honouring the re-bound. The best way to experience all of this is through modelling, this training also includes a 1-hour yin class, where I will demonstrate how to put all of this into practise.


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