Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training


This course is for yoga teachers and non-yoga teachers from related professions such as midwifery, medicine, doula, health workers, fitness instructors, body workers or education. The course is for people who have a passion for supporting mums with little one. Specialising in postnatal yoga is an excellent opportunity to build a yoga business around daytime, week-day classes, as well as create community and support for women, this is needed now more than ever!

Postnatal yoga classes not only create community and connections for mums, but with every increasing timed pressed NHS services, postnatally women face a lack of support and education, your yoga classes for mums with little ones are needed now more than ever!

This Yoga Alliance Professionals accredited, specialist training course, will enable you to teach postnatal rehab yoga, covering diastasis recti and prolapse, and mum & baby yoga classes. This business positive training also ensures you have the knowledge to run a yoga business creating thriving classes and support for mums and their little ones


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