Practising yoga during pregnancy helps to gently stretch and tone your body as baby grows, supports birth preparation and promotes a sense of balance and wellbeing.  

Pregnancy yoga class Tuesday 6pm-7pm (live in-person or online)

Classes run weekly and you can attend either in-person at Amy’s St Agnes studio base or online from the comfort of your own home.  You can join the class from your 12 week scan and classes are open to all abilities and experience.



Pregnancy yoga course

This course includes classes that will guide you through each stage of your pregnancy and birth, giving you the necessary tools to support your body and mind as you grow a baby. The course includes a class for each stage of your pregnancy, yoga for birth preparation, breathing and relaxation practises, yoga for pelvic floor health and specialist advice for women who suffer from pelvic girdle pain or SPD. The course also includes two recordings of Amy’s in-person 1-hour studio based classes.

Pregnancy yoga classes on-demand

Four recorded 1-hour studio based pregnancy yoga classes, suitable for women 12 weeks pregnant or more looking for support and guidance with their home practise, repeat these lovely pregnancy yoga classes as often as you like.