Magical Marketing

What if it didn’t have to be so hard?

Masterclass for yoga teachers who are tired of the hustle and want a bit of magic in their business!

Sunday 24th September 6pm – 8pm BST, plus replay

You trained to be a yoga teacher because you love yoga and you want to help people, right?

You didn’t come here to spend hours on social media or Canva and hustle hard to fill your yoga offers.

You’ve either had a good go at all the ‘marketing’ strategies or have no idea, but either way, you’re lost and starting to wonder if this yoga teaching business is for you.

Stop right there as I’ve got you!

In this 2-hour masterclass, I will show you what marketing is and how you can do it in a magical way that totally honours you.

The details

When: Sunday 24th September 6pm – 8pm, with replay available

Where: Zoom

What’s covered:

  • What is marketing
  • Your options for marketing
  • How to find energetic alignment
  • Tapping into the magic
  • The key to consistency
  • The last part of marketing – selling!

This masterclass is roughly 90 minutes long, with time for Q&A to close, and the opportunity to pre-submit questions.

Bonus training!

Along with the live masterclass, I am throwing in my pre-recorded 45-minute training “Price Your Class For Profit”. 

Because energy is everything, and once one aspect of your yoga business is in alignment, other parts will follow, like your prices!