How do I become a better yoga teacher?

This seems a big question, with many things you may need to do or achieve in order to get better at teaching yoga.   

What if the answer was simple and something as a yoga teacher and someone who practises yoga already knows already!

How do I get better at teaching yoga?  My friend the answer is simple – PRACTISE!

I have been in education one way or another for over 22 years; I started life not as a yoga teacher, but as a teacher of music and trained music teachers.  Not sure how I ended up as a full time yoga teacher, trainer and mentor, but here I am.

Teaching any subject is a skill that needs to be mastered through practise.  Let’s say you wanted to master a headstand, we can read books and watch videos, but unless we do our physical practise we’ll never master headstand.

When will you feel ready to teach yoga?

All too often people finish their yoga teacher-training course and don’t start teaching, because they don’t feel ready.  Here’s the thing you’ll never feel 100% ready, but you have got to take action, you have got to start teaching if you want to develop and refine this skill.

Refining the skill of teaching requires the mind-set of a reflective practitioner.  This is not someone who after class goes over everything they did wrong and declares they’re rubbish!  A reflective practitioner takes a neutral, balanced view, you know those principles of yoga we talk about all the time, see where they may try something different and keep what worked well – this will help you refine your teaching.

We can be guilty of putting so much pressure on ourselves to be amazing teachers, where every class blows our students minds, this is not possible, sustainable, or even needed!  One thing that really helps is turning the spotlight off you, and onto your students.  It’s good that you care, it’s great you want to be the best possible teacher for them, this is enough trust me.

Want to be a better yoga teacher – just get out and teach, perfection and procrastination only denies your students the opportunity to move, breath and feel better by doing yoga with you.

Teaching is teaching- so just teach!

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