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Join Amy and her fantastic co-tutors for the transformational, and immensely fun journey that is training to be a yoga teacher!  This Foundation Yoga Teacher Training course is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals, and our next course will start Ocotber 2022, with registration opening May 2022. The course is 280hr, with the option to complete an additional 20hr Yin Yoga module to achieve 300hr accreditation.  In-person training sessions will be from our exciting new venue in the South West, central to Cornwall, Devon, Exeter and Bristol!  This hybrid (online & in-person) yoga teacher training course skilfully combines training weekends, weekly classes, mentoring and self paced study, delivered over 7 months via a creative mixture of …


weekend group training sessions (ONLINE & In-PERSON)


Monthly teacher classes (ONLINE)


Weekly yoga classes (ONLINE)


Monthly 1:2:1 & group mentoring (ONLINE)




Online course community space on Circle

Studying this way allows you to take time to digest the vast amount of information that comes your way when training to be a yoga teacher, with on-going access to all recorded material and training sessions through the teacher portal, you can re-visit training as often as you like, and have on-going access to this once you’ve completed your training.    It is easy to feel overwhelmed when faced with the daunting task of training to be a yoga teacher, the teacher portal allows training material to be released a month at a time, so you can easily track your progress – check out our 2021 YTT teacher portal.

The course is led by senior yoga teacher and approved trainer-pro Amy Jones and her main co-tutor Jane Cradick, both Amy and Jane have been involved in teacher training and education for many years, between them they have over 35 years of teaching experience, with a deep rooted passion for supporting others to become successful teachers, so the light that is yoga can shine brightly into the world!  Amy is also supported by experienced teacher-trainer Nathalie Wilhelm from Live Love Yoga, who zooms in to play with arm balances, sequencing and chair yoga.  Alex Franklin, an experienced yoga teacher and trainer, who now runs a thriving online coaching business, working with yoga teachers to learn essential business and marketing skills.  Alex zooms in to share her yoga teaching skills and vast marketing and business knowledge.  And lastly Victoria Leigh, who graduated with Amy and Jane in 2020, and then went onto train in gravity and aerial yoga, Vic joins this course to share her teaching and experience of being a newly qualified teacher.



This course draws primarily upon vinyasa yoga traditions, along with softer hatha and yin practises.  Although yoga is often characterised into specific styles, and their associated lineages, there is only one yoga; the art of intuitively listening to the body, breath and mind to achieve balance. 


  1. Yoga philosophy
  2. Anatomy and physiology
  3. Yoga asana
  4. Pranayama
  5. Meditation and mantra
  6. Subtle anatomy
  7. Teaching and methodology, including teaching online
  8. The business of teaching Yoga

This course aims to develop safe, effective, knowledgeable and reflective yoga teachers, who come from a place of passion for yoga and a commitment to their own continuing practise.  The best teachers teach from the heart, sharing their knowledge and experiences of the practise of yoga.



– The history of yoga overview.
– The central texts of the yogic tradition: Bhagvad Gita & Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the integration of philosophy into teaching.
– What is Yoga in the modern Western world?


– The bones, joints and movement.
– Muscles and movements.
– The other systems of the body; nervous, endocrine, digestive, & lymphatic.
– The fascial web, the connected organism.
– Functional anatomy in asana.
– Movement patterns and body reading.


– What is asana and its purpose?
– Surya namaskar, standing postures, forward bends, back bends, twists, balances, inversions, hips and the shoulders.
– Elastic training (stretching).
– Bandha & mudra in asana.
– Yin and yang in our practise.
– Yoga for special populations (beginners, children and pregnancy yoga)


– What is pranayama?
– Breath awareness practises.
– Pranayama practises, including Ujjai, Nadi Shodana, and Kapalabhati.
– Breath retention, stilling prana.
– Bandhas and mudra in pranayama.


– What is meditation?
– The starting places, pratyahara and dharana.
– Meditation practices, including Yoga Nidra.
– Om, the universal sound.
– Chants: Togetherness mantra & Gayatri mantra.


– The Pranic body.
– Chakras and integration into asana and pranayama.
– Mudra and Bandha.


– Lesson planning.
– Creating sequences through thematic planning, telling the story.
– Course writing, sequencing lessons over time.
– The art of teaching yoga (or anything!): observation, listening, demonstration, verbal cues and the power of language.
– Effective teaching online.
– Teaching practise: team teaching, micro teaching & final teaching practise.


– Getting started; in-person or online, where to teach, risk assessment, health & safety, price structures & insurance to teach.
– Data collection, client health forms & GDPR.
– Marketing and building your yoga community.
– Professional conduct and the student/ teacher relationship.


– Internal tutor led classes; as part of the course and your contact hours you are expected to attend weekly live (in-person or online) classes with Amy and Jane, on average 2 a week.
– External tutor led class attendance; you are also encourage to attend classes with other teachers as much as possible.
– Student led study; through personal practise, reading and assignments.
– At your pace training modules; these guide you monthly through your learning along with the live training sessions and classes.
– Assessment is through a mixture of practical teaching & written assignments, anatomy study tasks, and your final class exam.

The course will involve lots of teaching from you, starting with some team teaching in smaller groups, shorter teaching assessments, and your final teaching practical exam, where you’ll teach a full 60 minute class.   As well as the expected teaching integrated into your course contact hours you are strongly encouraged to start teaching your own class when ready, maybe just to family and friends, either in-person or online, nothing improves teaching like actually teaching.  Trainee teachers can teach up to 2 hours a week, but only what has been covered by the course and in agreement with Amy Jones, you will be supported to get teaching when you feel ready.




  • Monthly weekend group training sessions (90 hours, tutor-led)
  • Monthly teacher classes (12 hours, tutor-led)
  • Weekly yoga classes (80 hours, tutor-led)
  • Monthly 1:2:1 & group mentoring (8 hours, tutor-led)
  • At your pace training modules, released each month via the online teacher portal (40 hours, self-study)
  • Self study & practise, reading, research and completion of assignments (50 hours, self-study)
  • Online course community space on Circle
  • On-going support after completing your training

An additional 20hr study is available for those wishing to complete the yin-yoga module and bring their yoga teacher accreditation to 300hr.

Weekend training session (in-person and online): These sessions happen one weekend a month, spread over 7 months, our first and last weekend will be in-person, with weekends 2 to 6 online only.  Training will start October 2022, info on dates, details and new venue in the South West,  central to Cornwall, Devon, Exeter and Bristol, coming soon!

Weekend training course dates 2022/2023

Dates coming soon!

Monthly teacher class course dates 2022/2023 (online): One class/workshop a month led by one of the course tutors

Dates coming soon!


Weekly yoga classes (80 hours, tutor led)

Included in the cost of your training is 12 months access to Amy’s monthly online subscription classes, click here to visit Amy’s subscription class offering, you will have access to Amy’s online classes as soon as your deposit is paid.  As part of course contact hours you are expected to attend weekly live classes with Amy or other course tutors, the cost of attending these classes are included in your training.

Monthly 1:2:1 & group mentoring (10 hours)

You will have a monthly mentoring sessions which will either be 1:2:1 or in small groups with Amy.

Total course hours: 280 hours

Contact hours: 190 hours (Group training, live classes and monthly mentoring)

Self- study: 90hrs (pre-recorded training modules, personal practice, study and assignments)

Who is the course for?

Entry requirements

A minimum of 2 years regular yoga practise, sufficient technology to be able to study the online, completion of an application form, and acceptance on to the course by Amy Jones.

This course is open to all yogis who meet the entry requirements and have a desire to deepen their study of yoga, and a passion to share the gift of yoga with others.  There is not a need to be able to perform certain asanas, yoga is not defined by making shapes with the body; rather it is the art of listening to the body and working intuitively with its current condition.   This course is also open to those not planing to teach, but are looking to deepen their knowledge and personal practise.

Committing to any teacher training course is a big decision, feel free to contact Amy anytime to discuss the course and your needs.


This course has changed my life! Amy and jane have been amazing, I have learnt more than I possibly thought and had the best experience, even in covid times, they kept us on track and gave us the best experience. I would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to do their teacher training. Thank you both so much. X



I loved doing my yoga teacher training with Amy. She was encouraging, supportive and gave valuable insights throughout the whole course. She was always there if I needed to ask a quick question. She also adapted amazingly when Covid came along and ensured all of us who wanted to continue the course were able to, whatever our personal circumstances.



Amy is such a knowledgeable teacher, passionate about yoga and fascinated with Fascia.. which has really opened my mind – thank you! I loved every minute of my training, even through a global pandemic Amy adapted to keep us on track within our subject areas, making the content delivery accessible, enjoyable and readily available online when we needed it. Amy was always available to offer advice and comfort during these times too, which was a huge support. I highly recommend Amy and I will be looking forward to more of her offerings in the near future!


Cost … and other nitty gritty stuff!

Total cost of course: Details coming soon!

 There are two scholarship places available each course, to find out more about a scholarship click here.

Included in the price:

  • 190 hours of in-person, tutor led, contact time
  • On-going access to all online materials and recorded videos via your teacher portal 
  • 280 hour foundation teacher training course e-manual, available via your teacher portal
  • Certification of 280 hour yoga teacher training upon completion of the course, including all assignments and course payments.
  • Post completion of your course on-going support, advice, and opportunity to join Amy’s FB teacher community.
  • Free access to Amy’s online subscription classes for 12 months.
  • Online course community space on Circle
  • Opportunity to complete 20hr Yin yoga training module for an additional £150 and achieve 300hr accreditation.

Not included:

  • Technology to access online learning
  • Insurance to teach (this is available through your membership to YAP, both as a trainee and once your have qualified)
  • Set texts

Details coming soon


Please note that all deposits are non-refundable, in the event you need to cancel your place:

– Cancellations 28 days or less before the course start date all payments made are non-refundable.

– Cancellations 29 days or more before the course start date deposit is non-refundable.  

– Withdrawing during the course; deposit and any attended weekends are non-refundable, payment for remaining unattended weekends will depend on your personal circumstances and reasons for withdrawing mid-course, but in most cases you will be expected to pay for your place on the course in full. 

– Your place on the course cannot be sold or given to anyone else, all bookings and payments for the course are made directly through Amy Jones. 

Please put any requests to withdraw in writing to Amy at

Amy Jones has the right to cancel the course at any point.  In the unlikely event of a course being cancelled you will be refunded your full course fees or offered alternative dates, of which if you can’t attend you will be offered a full refund.  Other costs incurred such as travel or time off work cannot be reimbursed. 


Students should attend 100% of the course contact hours, failure to attend course contact hours will result in non-completion of the course and no certification.  If you do miss a live session recordings are available for catch-up, along with additional 1:2:1 mentoring sessions to make up lost contact hours, this may incur additional costs.   Certification of the course is also dependent on the successful completion and passing of all written assignments.  If additional time and support is needed to complete assignments this will need to be agreed with Amy Jones and may also incur additional costs.


Please note that Amy Jones will pass on your details to the Yoga Alliance Professional so they can contact you to register.  Your details will not be passed on to any other parties.

By registering and paying either a deposit for the course or full payment you are agreeing to all the T&Cs laid out above, including the cancellation policy.  You are agreeing to adhere to the code of conduct policy and confirm you have read and are happy with the complaints procedure.  Please consider your personal circumstance when considering the course and the requirements to attend all training sessions.


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