Episode 61 – Is Trikonasana dangerous?!

Today’s episode is the second in a 4-part series of mini-teaching clinics, where I’ll explore an aspect of yoga teaching.

I was asked why Trikonasana is considered dangerous by someone in my mentoring programme!  

Is it dangerous?  

Well, it’s not life-threatening, and the human body has an infinite possibility in terms of movement, I’d love to see us all come to a place where we stop making judgements about whether or not someone should be doing something or not.

Who are we to limit our students and say that something isn’t safe?

Our role is to invite our students to explore all areas and angles of their body, from a place of knowing what is and is not for them.  In this place nothing is dangerous!

The challenge with Trikonasana is our hyper-mobile student, which will probably be you and most of your students.  Hyper-mobile knee joints mean we’ll be locking out into the knees, driving a load of weight into the knee, hip and ankle joint, not to mention the torsion in the S.I joint.  All of this leading to a slow build-up of damage over time.

Trikonasana is not dangerous, but we do all need to pay attention to the knee joint and break free of the traditional shape and entry and exist into it.

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