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From my experience of training yoga teachers and working with women to create sustainable, profitable yoga businesses I found that the same issues came up time and time again.  After repeating myself for too long I am now on a mission to help you over come self-limiting beliefs, banish business overwhelm and take action to create a sustainable, profitable yoga business, that serves you and your students. 

Since the covid pandemic my yoga business has grown, and a lot of that has been down to investing in myself and studying business (along side the yoga!)  I soon realised that the principles of how to run an ethical, thriving business are the ones as yoga teachers we already know through our practise of yoga.

Our hard wired belief systems often tell us it’s hard to make money teaching yoga, we shouldn’t make money teaching yoga, and so often as women we focus on serving others above ourselves.  Today the yoga business is worth around $88 billion dollars globally, and £908 million in the UK.  Women make up around 75% of the yoga teachers in the world.  So why not you?  Why can’t you create a profitable, sustainable business that helps people and allows you to thrive?

This podcast will also be helpful to any female wellness entrepreneur, although I will often take a yoga focus the principles are the same.  And just to let you know the wellness business is currently worth 4.4 trillion dollars!

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