Ep. 99 – Yoga studio ownership

I feel like I’ve been promising you this episode for a while!

Today I share my experiences of owning two yoga studios, and the good, the bad, and the ugly truth of it all.

I completely understand the desire of owning your own space and all the joy that this can bring, but DO NOT sign on the dotted line until you know your numbers.

The yoga studios smashing it in 2024 are the ones going beyond the scope of a weekly schedule, they’re the ones that are building a community around the physical space, and who then buy into everything the studio has to offer.

If you are a studio owner or are thinking of embarking on setting up a studio and would like my help, you can hear from today’s episode I know what I’m talking about drop me an email at info@amy-yoga.com and we can discuss how best I can help you know your numbers, and create a plan for success.

Here’s my invitation to you to stop going it alone, let’s work together:

For Female Entrepreneurs – https://energymindsetmoneyandmore.substack.com/

For Yoga Teachers – visit www.amy-yoga.com


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