Ep. 98 – Break A Norm

Today’s episode is inspired by the wisdom of Stephen Braybrook, aka the Movement Man, who lost his battle to Pancreatic cancer way too young in 2023.

I trained with Stephen a handful of times but he was one of those people who left a HUGE imprint on me and his relentless questioning of conventional wisdom when it came to how the human body actually worked backed up with sound scientific research lit me up!

His advice that never left me –  “break a norm”.

It ties into one of my favourite sayings ‘definition of madness is doing the same thing expecting a different result’.

Whatever you are stuck or frustrated with, whatever you want to change right now if you don’t break a norm and do something different from what you are currently doing then stuck is where you will stay.

Mentoring for Yoga Teachers

If you’re a yoga teacher I ask you to break a norm and instead of doing more training I invite you to invest in my mentoring programme, this will really make a difference to your skill as a teacher and a business owner.  Not to mention it is a 100-hour accredited further training course.

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Training for Yoga Teachers

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Female Entrepreneurs

If you are a woman in business, maybe not a yoga teacher, here’s my new branch, so far! Join for free or buy me a monthly coffee and cake – https://energymindsetmoneyandmore.substack.com/


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