Ep. 95  – Heart Chakra Energy And Your Business

Welcome to part 2 of my 3-part series where I am exploring 3 of the 7 energy centres, the Chakras, and how they relate to how we feel and the actions we take.

This week it’s the big one, the powerful one, my favourite one!

The heart centre, also known as the Anahata Chakra.

This is the seat of our unconditional love, the place where we create.  Anahata means unstruck sound, the sound already exists, it is yet to be heard, yet to be created, but the energy of it is there ready and waiting.

All sound is created by two objects striking together, the heart centre is where this sound manifests.

Put simply it’s where we create from, supported by the stability of our roots, when we truly tap into the hollering of the heart ain’t nothing going to stop us!

Before heading off into action, before deciding to say yes, pause and feel into your heart, and be guided by this energy, heart frequency is the most powerful energy we have.

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