Ep. 94 – Root Chakra Energy And Your Business

Welcome to the first of my 3-part series where I am going to explore 3 of the 7 energy centres, the Chakras, and how they relate to how we feel and the actions we take.

The more I practice yoga and run my business, the more I see the interconnectedness of it all.   If energy is everything, how can we work with the energy and move in harmony with our unique energy systems to better inform the actions we take?

Within the practice of Yoga, some traditions work with the 7 energy centres located on the central channel of the spine.  The root chakra, Muladhara, is located at the base of the spine.

This is the energy of stability, connecting us to our roots down to the earth beneath us.  Through this connection, we can utilise the earth to support us and discharge any energy that is not ours or is no longer serving us.

The root chakra is the seat of our Kundalini Shakti, the powerful serpent energy of creation, think about what may mean in terms of your creative endeavours in your business!

Grounding ourselves, and giving time to connect to our roots, helps to support us in the actions we take and in the navigation of external forces that can interrupt our intended plans.

Walking barefoot on the grass, rooting through the pelvis when seated and supine relaxation practices all help us to connect to this energy and work with it effectively.

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