Ep. 93 – How to start something new

I am in the process of starting something new after a deep knowing, and a whole host of signs from the universe!

If you have an established business you’ll know how hard it can be to break that norm and to do something new, when you’ve spent so long crafting your persona.

Or perhaps you’re employed but have this calling to do something else, and it has absolutely nothing to do with your current reality!

All of it is hard.

All of it throws our beautiful brain into panic mode, cue imposter syndrome, fear of rejection and worse the fear of ridicule.

But it hits a point for us all where the pain of keeping it inside and to ourselves becomes greater than the pain of non-action.

So today I am very excited to announce my new branch, the start of my new services supporting ALL female serviced-based entrepreneurs, and anyone else who likes my vibe, to share their gifts with the world and make money!

I am bringing together all my years of experience as a yoga teacher, educator, mentor and business owner, to support you to work with the feminine and masculine energies.

Energy is everything, but better put energy leads everything, and it’s time to do things differently.  It’s time to work the energy, the unseen, to better navigate our mind so we can take aligned action.

And I can help you with all of it, after all, it’s all interconnected!

This is a big invitation to join my new Substack community here – https://energymindsetmoneyandmore.substack.com/

Join for free, or be part of the energy exchange and buy me a coffee and cake for £4.40 a month.

I am still very much Amy-Yoga, offering outstanding training courses and my flagship mentoring programme, but this is my new branch, and I can’t keep all the amazing work I’ve been doing with female yoga teachers to just them anymore!

Mentoring for Yoga Teachers

Make sure your name is on the waitlist for my Prosperous Yogini Mentoring Programme.  I welcome new cohorts 2 times a year to develop their skills as a yoga teacher and a business owner, doors next open on 22nd April 2024.

Training for Yoga Teachers

Online 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training course, start today – https://amy-yoga.com/online-yin-yoga-teacher-training/

Specialist training and self-paced study CPD courses in pregnancy, postnatal and toddler yoga https://amy-yoga.com/yoga-teacher-training

Female Service-based Entrepreneurs

If you are a woman in business, maybe not a yoga teacher, here’s my new branch, so far!

Join for free or buy me a monthly coffee and cake – https://energymindsetmoneyandmore.substack.com/


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