Ep. 90 – What would you do if your social media was hacked?

I cannot believe the serendipity of this week’s episode after last week, where I spent 30-plus minutes persuading you to set up that email list!

I get it, using social media feels like the easiest option, most of us use Facebook and Instagram, so it feels very doable when it comes to using it in our business.

I do believe that you should use social media and I am massively grateful to both Facebook and Meta for providing what is effectively a free platform to grow my community and sell my offers.  There is an awful lot that is good about social media.

But you have to be fully aware it is borrowed land, and you can lose your account at any time, even if you have 2-step authentication set up.  Regardless of how big or small your account is.  No one is protected from waking up one day and finding all of it gone.

This is exactly what happened to a teacher in my mentoring programme this week.

Her account was hacked, she did have 2-step authentication set up and she did lose her personal account of 17 years, along with her business pages.

It is devastating for her.  But thanks to the support in our mentoring programme and some epic advice from her mentoring (aka me), this event is now something that is positive.  This event is now something that is causing a fresh new wave of visibility and marketing into her yoga business.   And who doesn’t want this?

This is the power of mentorship.

This is why mentorship should be the industry standard for all yoga teachers.

This is why all women in business, all female serviced-based entrepreneurs need support.

We are not meant to navigate these moments alone!

Mentoring for Yoga Teachers

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Training for Yoga Teachers

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Female Service Based Entrepreneurs

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