Ep. 89 –  Why you need an email list in 2024

Today’s episode on the surface is all about the importance of having a mailing list, and there is lots of really easy actional advice today, but it is also about how our mindset is probably the real reason we are struggling to take action.

If you are just on social media, you are not only on borrowed ground, but yes you are largely shouting into the void, so please stop!

Not to mention if you are creating content for social media why are you not re-purposing into email marketing?

This fantastic question from a yoga teacher with a list of 114 is a brilliant example of why possibly you’ve found many reasons why you can set up your mailing list or if you’ve ticked that box why right now you don’t have the time to focus on growing it, connecting and selling through it.

Because your beautiful brain is in the way, telling you you’re not tech savvy, telling you it’s lots of work and trying its best to keep you safe.  

And yes that will mean taking no action in the direction of your dreams!

Email marketing is something we can all do, for free, and in most cases in the best way you can talk directly to your tribe!

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