Ep. 88 – The importance of self-love for female sol0 entrepreneurs

Yesterday was 14th February, Valentine’s Day, and following a post that caught your attention about self-love and self-care, today’s episode is a half-term short one on the importance of self-love!

Are you self-employed, whether it be full or part-time?

If you can’t provide your services does your business stop?

If you answer yes to the two questions above today’s episode is a very powerful message.

You are the golden goose in your business and need protecting at all costs!

As I’ve said for a long time a stressed yoga teacher is not a good look.

But this is not just an episode for female yoga teachers.  Today’s episode is for every female serviced-based entrepreneur working in a business of one, aka just them.  Who is over-delivering, over-giving, under-charging and wondering how to sustain this, let alone grow any further into that business that is tugging at their heartstrings?

The request to love ourselves can feel tough, but what if we reframe this to caring for ourselves is essential for us to care for those who buy our services, or come to our yoga classes?

Caring for ourselves is also essential to all the other people in our lives we care for. 

And it doesn’t have to mean big sudden changes, it can start with making 5, or 10 minutes in your diary each week just for you.  The small stuff adds up to the big stuff!

Investing in yourself, and acknowledging that trying to run your business alone is madness is also an act of self-love.

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