Ep. 86 – Human Design and running a yoga studio

Episode 86 (not 85, forgive my opening confusion) of the Prosperous Yogini Podcast is very special.

My first male interviewee in the form of Paul Finnie and two incredible conversations on models for running yoga studios and the power of using Human Design to live your authentic blueprint.

Finnie is a yoga teacher, studio owner, human design coach and all round lovely human being who I am working more and more with inside my business to support those I train and mentor.

Studio yoga ownership is a dream so many of us have.  I’ve had two studios myself; I know first-hand the pros and the cons.  And I am all for following your dreams, but as you’ll hear from Finnie you also need a clear financial plan and model so the dream can be a sustainable reality.

Finnie is a brilliant Human Design coach, and I thoroughly recommend you get to know more about your Human Design and work with Finnie to get more personal support, it will give you the permission you’ve been waiting for to be you!

Find your chart here – https://www.myhumandesign.com/get-your-chart/

Work with Finnie here – https://anantayogastudionewquay.com/

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Mentoring for Yoga Teachers

Finnie recently worked with the yoga teachers in my mentoring programme on their energy and authority, if you would like to access this workshop and all the other incredible support and trainings in my mentoring programme join here– https://amy-yoga.com/prosperous-yogini-programme/

Add your name to the waitlist if doors are closed.

And if you are a woman, maybe not a yoga teacher, hang in there, I am coming for you too this year, with more offers that will incorporate Human Design and Finnie!

Yoga Teacher Training

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