Ep. 85 – The 80 20 rule of running any business

Being self-employed, working for yourself, and running your own business, which is the case for the vast majority of yoga teachers means the 80-20 rule applies to you!

To create what you want it is 80% energy and mindset work, 20% action!

Yet where do we focus most of our attention – on action or the inaction we believe we can’t yet take?

And with the action we are taking is it aligned action?

What does aligned action even mean?

It means we are taking action from a place of knowing this is our next best available step.   We’ve done the harder work around navigating our blocks both energetically and in the mind, and then we respond.

It is hard to accept, I get it!  It would be easier for me to tell you to just work harder, just keep doing more and you’ll get the results you want.  Sure, you’ll get the results, but they may not be what you actually want and you’re probably heading to burnout.

The challenge is this 80% is almost impossible to navigate alone, but that’s what most female yoga teachers and female entrepreneurs choose to do.

I am here to tell you, that this is bonkers, please stop, you truly are not meant to do this alone, I certainly couldn’t.

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