Ep. 84 – Don’t give up on your dreams!

This is the story of the evolution of my mentoring programme!

How I have found myself here in 2024 supporting female, service-based entrepreneurs, aka yoga teachers, to share their gifts with the world help people and make money.

How I had a deep calling, a deep knowing that female yoga teachers needed my support and needed my mentoring programme.

But how I could have easily given up when I first launched the programme in 2022, and the HUGE difference 12 months makes.

Selling new products and services, especially to a new audience takes time, my mentoring programme has reminded me of this.

Selling something that will require people to challenge their belief systems and do the ongoing hard work around mindset and habits that don’t serve us is probably always going to be a harder sell for me than yoga teacher training.

But I know that I have come here to do this, I know how much this is needed!

And I am going to keep showing up and inviting yoga teachers into my mentoring programme.

And plans are brewing on how I can help women full stop do what lights them up and make money.


Because I know this is what I came here to do, and I know it is our time to rise up.

Prosperous Yogini Podcast on YouTube

Mentoring for Yoga Teachers

So female yoga teachers come on in, doors to my 6-month Prosperous Yogini Mentoring programme are open 22nd to 31st January 2024.

Details here – https://amy-yoga.com/prosperous-yogini-programme/

Add your name to the wait list if doors are closed.

Other ways we can work together

Book a business 60-minute power up Strategy Session – https://amy-yoga.com/strategy-session/ 

Online 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training course, start today – https://amy-yoga.com/online-yin-yoga-teacher-training/

Specialist training and self-paced study CPD courses in pregnancy, postnatal and toddler yoga https://amy-yoga.com/yoga-teacher-training


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